Identity and Belonging

Research question:
How might your sense of identity and belonging change if you were displaced?

Learners will: Demonstrate how current events in the past can have both immediate and long term consequences.

Explain how key people, groups and events have influenced the culture of Scotland.

Demonstrate appreciation and respect for difference and diversity, cultivate empathy and solidarity towards other individuals and social groups. 

Learning Intention:We are learning that, whilst it can change, identity and belonging forms who we are.

Skills Progression:

  • Develop curiosity and problem solving kills and capacity to take initiatives.
  • Compare and contrast to draw valid conclusions. 
  • Develop empathy to help understand the motivations, aspirations and fears of others.
  • Improve presentation skills – oral and  written.
  • Develop the skills of critical inquiry (e.g. where to find information and how to analyse and use evidence.)

Success Criteria:

I can

  • Identify features about myself which make up my identity. 
  • Identify challenges to my identity from society.
  • Develop an understanding that identity and belonging can evolve when moving to a new home. 

Learning Activities and Experiences and Outcomes:

Activity Overview Levels 2-3

Activity Overview Levels 3-4