Two Narratives


There has been conflict between the occupied Palestinian territory and Israel for decades.

In any conflict, people will have validly held but conflicting opinions on what actually happened. This lesson helps students to see the conflict from different perspectives.

‘One Voice’ is an international movement that aims to allow the voice of ordinary Palestinians and Israelis to be heard. The presentation is drawn from Two Narratives guidance from One Voice. The presentation allows students to focus on differences of perspective relating to some key issues.

Learning Intention: I am learning to analyse two different viewpoints on the reasons behind the conflict.

Success Criteria: I will have developed a clearer idea of the obstacles to be overcome in order that a peaceful resolution to the conflict may be brought about. I will be able to list similarities and differences between the two perspectives.


View presentation, Two Narratives.

Have these resources ready.

Jotters/paper available.

Students copy similarities and differences table into their jotter allowing sufficient space for responses.

Activity 1

Show the presentation Two Narratives. 

Activity 2

Students summarise both positions and identify similarities and differences in the narratives.