Conflict and Cooperation

Research question:
To what extent will cooperation bring peace to the daily lives of Israelis and Palestinians?

Learners will: Become aware of cause and effect, change, sequence and chronology.

Explore and link periods, people, events and features in time and place. 

Learning Intention:We are learning about cooperation and conflict between nations. 

Skills Progression:

  • Listen to and consider the views and experiences of others. 
  • Differentiate between fact/ opinion, reality/ fiction and different perspectives.
  • Acquire knowledge and understanding of local, national and global issues and the interconnectedness and  inter-dependency of different countries and populations. 
  • Develop skills for critical thinking and analysis to help understand the challenges for governance of contrasting and conflicting beliefs and values. 

Success Criteria:

I can

  • Identify actions which could lead to conflict between nations.
  • Identify actions which could encourage cooperation between nations. 
  • Suggest at least three actions which could lead to cooperation between conflicting countries. 

Learning Activities and Experiences and Outcomes:

Activity Overview Levels 2-3

Activity Overview Levels 3-4