Basic Facts About Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory


This lesson will introduce students to the land and people of Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory. You may wish to start with a discussion of the 2 maps.

Learning Intention: I am learning facts about Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory.

Success Criteria: I can use my critical skills in separating fact from opinion, thereby gaining a clearer understanding of the background to the conflict.

Preparation: Information cards to be provided – either one set for each group or 1 set to be positioned around the room for students to do a fact-finding mission.

Activities 1, 2 and 3

Complete activities using information provided on cards.

Facts About Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory
Clue Israel Occupied Palestinian Territory Both
Location     Eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea
Climate     Warm with little rainfall
Language Hebrew Arabic  
Main Religion Jewish Muslim  
Neighbouring Countries     Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt
Importance of Jerusalem     Sacred city
State Recognised by United Nations 1948 2013  
Main Industries and Agriculture Military equipment, cut diamonds, high-tech equipment, pharmaceuticals, tourism, citrus fruits and other fruits, herbs and vegetables Textiles, soap, olive wood carvings, olives and citrus fruits  
Military Force Around 3 million people available for military service No army, navy or air force  
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Other Interesting Facts – Occupied Palestinian Territory