This unit aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the conflict between Palestine and Israel . You will enhance skills of critical analysis and consider human rights and values in a global context.

Why are we learning about this? 

Britain is part of the history of Palestine and Israel which makes it relevant to our own history.

This area is experiencing a long-running conflict that is often in the news.

You may be familiar with the area through religious studies and studies of the Holocaust but have little awareness of current issues.

There is a danger that misinformation or partial information can inadvertently lead to a culture of blame and bias.

As with all controversial topics, it is important to hear different views and to use our values to seek truth.

Underpinning Values 

The four values inscribed on the mace of the Scottish Parliament are the same values which underpin learning in Scottish schools through Curriculum for Excellence.

Wisdom, Justice, Compassion, Integrity

What do these words mean to you?