Research question:
All children have rights. Do children around the world have the same access to these rights?

Learners will: Employ evidence to support an argument to develop their own view of a social, political, environmental or economic issue.

Learning Intention:We are learning about human rights around the world.

Skills Progression:

  • develop reasoned and justified points of view
  • interact with others and develop an awareness of self and others
  • compare and contrast to draw valid conclusions
  • observe, describe and record
  • develop a sense of belonging to a common humanity, sharing values and responsibilities, based on human rights

Success Criteria:

I can

  • identify what it means to be a global citizen.
  • understand that rights are unconditional, inalienable, universal and indivisible.
  • identify rights which may be enjoyed or denied and justify my thinking.

Learning Activities and Experiences and Outcomes:

Activity Overview Levels 2-3
Activity Overview Levels 3-4