Conflict and Cooperation – Activity Overview Levels 2-3

Research question:
To what extent will cooperation bring peace to the daily lives of Israelis and Palestinians?

Resources Levels 2-3

Core Activities

  1. PowerPoint of conflict and cooperation presentation and worksheet
  2. Conflict or Cooperation? Israeli/Palestine cooperation and  conflict flashcards
  3. Conflict timeline Israel Palestine events flashcards

Extension Activities

1. The Kites are Flying novel by Michael Morpurgo and worksheet 

Notes on Core Activities 

Activity one: This lesson is based on a PowerPoint to build learners understanding of what conflict and cooperation look like in a general sense.  At a very basic level the PowerPoint has questions throughout which will provide opportunity for learners to discuss their learning with each other.

Activity two: This lesson is focused on the subject of conflict and co-operation between the Israeli and Palestinian communities.  There are examples of both conflict and cooperation on the flashcards.  Learners are asked to sort the flashcards under two headings.  The first heading is Conflict and the second heading is Cooperation.  Learners will be expected to be able to justify their choices.

Activity three: This lesson is focussed on conflict.  The learners will increase their understanding of the conflict between the Israeli and Palestinian communities.  Using the Israel Palestine events flashcards learners will create a timeline of conflict.

Extension Activities 

Activity one: The novel , The Kites are Flying by Michael Morpurgo is an appropriate accompaniment to this study. Amnesty have produced a worksheet for the novel.