Levels 2-3 – Anne Frank Declaration

Who is Anne Frank?

Anne Frank is famous for the diary she kept from 12 June 1942 until 4 August 1944. Anne was a German born Jew who moved to Holland with her family to escape Nazi persecution. On 6 July 1942, Anne, her sister Morgot and her parents went into hiding. Anne Frank is a symbol of the millions of innocent children who have been victims of persecution. Anne’s life shows us what can happen when prejudice and hatred go unchallenged.


The Anne Frank Trust encourage people to sign up to the following declaration.

Do you agree with the Anne Frank Declaration? Is there anything you would add?

You can either:


  • Make your own class declaration that everyone can sign

Anne Frank Declaration 

Because prejudice and hatred harm us all, we declare that:

  • We will stand up for what is right and support those who speak out against what is unfair and wrong.
  • We will try to defend the rights of those who cannot defend themselves.
  • We will strive for a world in which everyone is treated fairly and has an equal chance in life

Anne Frank Trust