Participation – Activity Overview Levels 3-4

Research question:
Individuals and groups have a role to play in challenging injustice. How can participation help create a better, safer and fairer world?

Resources Levels 3-4 

Core Activities 

  1. how-i-participate
  2. Local action, global change:
  3. Being Active for Human Rights and for Peace

Extension Activities 

Heroes for Change

  1. World’s Largest Lesson, Heroes for change comic

Notes on Core Activities 

Activity one: Article 12 of the UNCRC states that individuals have a right to say what they think and have their views taken seriously. Learners consider how they exercise this right.

Activity two: Local action, global change. Watch the video and read the report from the Scottish Refugee Council on the action of The Glasgow Girls, a group of pupils from Drumchapel High School who changed UK law. Complete the Glasgow Girls Grid and write a report on how action by ordinary Scots brought about far-reaching change

Activity three: In activities 1-6 of The Power of Peace from The World’s Largest Lesson, learners explore the meaning of peace and research peaceful activists. They discuss how they can contribute to making the world a more peaceful place.

Activity four: Being Active for Human Rights and for Peace. There have been many attempts to bring about a peaceful solution to conflict and to promote human rights in Palestine and Israel. The peacemakers are often small groups of Israelis and Palestinians who work together to promote a common understanding. Here you will look at the work of 2 groups who, in their own way, work to bring about peace. Learners watch the film Parents’ Circle, answer the questions and prepare a short presentation to explain the work of the group.

Extension Activities

Activity one: UNICEF’s World’s Largest Lesson resource provides activities to help teach about the Global Goals. Heroes for Change uses a comic book format for learners to find out about the goals and to consider how they can support change that will lead to a better, fairer and safer world. Students read and discuss the comic, Heroes for Change. As a group, learners take one or more goal and write words they associate with this goal. Words may be what the goal means to them, why the goal is important or what they can do to help support the goal. They may want to make their own comic showing how they can be a Hero for Change in Israel and Palestine.