Participation – Activity Overview Levels 2-3

Research question:
Individuals and groups have a role to play in challenging injustice. How can participation help create a better, safer and fairer world?

Resources Level 2-3

Core Activities

  1. What is participation? Look at some articles from the Convention on the Rights of the child and decide which you consider to be participation rights. Answers on worksheet
  2. Participation locally. Choose one participation right and consider how you enjoy this right and help others do so locally and globally. Answers on worksheet.

Notes on Core Activities 

Activity one:  Learners will have a selection of eight rights from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.  Learners select the six rights which promote participation and justify their thinking.

Activity two: Learners will choose one of the participation rights from the previous lesson. They will then explain the ways in which they enjoy that right, ways that they can respect that right and, finally, any ways in which they could make improvements within that right to ensure all learners in their community could enjoy that right. They should also consider how they can help children in other countries enjoy the right.

Activity three:  Learners will select one photograph and discuss what participation rights they can see.  They will then compare the photograph with their own life and decide what participation rights that they have in common with those children in the photograph.